Monday, October 12, 2009

saving heat

I finally was able to put in my entrance reducers today. Life is busy! Hopefully now the bees will be able to heat their homes even more efficiently. I thought for awhile about which way I should put the opening... do they look like they're upside down? I'm not sure what's the best way, or if it matters. This hive didn't really care that I was putting in the entrance reducer - they're my weaker hive for sure.

If you look at this next pic, you can see the difference:

These ladies were mighty ticked with me - one stung my veil (not me), and another just clung to my veil and b*tched at me for awhile. They did not like having this thing stuck in their doorway, not at all. I'll check on Wednesday to see if they've managed to work together and shove the thing out, or if they've decided to live with it and cram the cracks with propolis.